Our design process is pretty simple. I do all the selling and usually come out to the site to discuss the project. We can also do some back and forth on the phone using our amazing interactive website. Due to everyone’s busy schedules and the fact that we operate in 6 states, I find we are doing more and more via the web. All photos on the site are categorized and have a reference #. They can be easily searched by key word or number.



For example, you can type in “slides” and all the slide projects photos will come up. Let’s say, you were looking through those pictures and liked “Geller10007” project. You can type that into the search bar and all the pictures of the Geller project will come up. That could be 10 different pictures from different angles and details. It is really pretty amazing! This is the culmination of my life’s work and I am happy to share it with you. This also makes it easy for me to give you ballpark pricing over the phone. If the pricing makes sense and you liked the direction of the conversation, I can come out to the site and discuss the project further. Computer programs are great for designing pools and landscapes. However, they can not replicate art. What we do is art and the only way to “get it” is to see it and talk to the guys that built it.

If you would prefer, I can first come out to meet with you to discuss the project. I have an extensive digital portfolio and a lot of ideas. We can go back and forth and discuss ideas. After we nail down a scope of work, I will go back to my office, put together a proposal and email it to you usually within 2-3 days.

If there is a pool builder or landscape professional involved, we normally work with them to ensure that no details are missed. My part is fun and exciting! Enjoy it!