Aquatic Artists designs and builds natural stone waterfalls for pool builders, landscape professionals and their clients. The reason we are successful is largely due to the strong relationships we have built with pool builders and landscape professionals over the years. You guys are our clients and it is our #1 priority that every experience you and your clients has with our organization is extraordinary! We have developed a solution for all your waterfall needs and request of your clients. We work on a referral basis or as a subcontractor.



2015 Aquatic Artists Sales Binder – We developed a sales binder with 10 packages with fixed pricing and 8” X 11” photos of each package. We also have plan view CAD drawing of each package. This way you have something to show clients and they can see how much it costs and what it will look like. We make it real easy! If the client does not like any of the packages, we can always design something custom. View our sales binder here.



Use us as a Resource – If you have a project with a water feature element and you think it would add value to get me out there. Call me and I would be glad to go out as your “Waterfall Guy”. If I can help you sell a pool, that is “Win-Win” for everyone. In addition, our website has the most comprehensive body of work on the market today. This can help your clients generate ideas and shows them you are working with the best.


warranty copy


Lifetime Warranty – We guarantee the work as long as you own the pool. If anything goes wrong, except for acts of nature, we come out and fix it for free with a smile. Period! No fine Print! You will never get a future headache over the waterfall from your customers.


Training003Technology and Communication – Every person in our company speaks English, is thoroughly trained and has a company issued laptop and smart phone. All our files are digital. This way every person has every piece of information, all the time. Communication is LAW at Aquatic Artists!


This is all we do. We generate 100% of our revenue designing and building natural stone waterfalls. We do not install pools, landscapes, hardscapes or do anything else. This means that we can keep a schedule because we are not wrapped up on a job doing other things. We can build most small to medium projects in 1-2 days.